Estacion Las Tortugas


Volunteers are needed for the 2020-2021 Leatherback Turtle Nesting Season.

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Our friends and family in Costa Rica are also being deeply affected by this global pandemic. All of the amazing projects/places you have visited on an EcoTeach Costa Rica trip are owned and managed by local families and/or local communities.  Many of our projects like Estacion Las Tortugas and Asis Wildlife Rescue Center rely heavily upon the volunteer help and financial support from EcoTeach travelers.

As tourism has come to a complete halt in Costa Rica, the smiling faces who greet us at the airport, welcome us into their homes, prepare amazing traditional meals, inspire us with their dedication to the environment and work tirelessly to provide us with amazing experiences – are hurting and do not enjoy the same social and economic safety net that so many of us take for granted. We want to help keep these vital conservation efforts alive as our partners and friends go through this time with no tourism, no income and no volunteer assistance.

Please consider donating to the emergency fund we are establishing for friends in Costa Rica.  100% will be used to meet the most critical needs that emerge for them during these tumultuous times. Thank you!


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Estación Las Tortugas is a sea turtle nesting project to help protect the critically endangered leatherback sea turtle from the illegal poaching and to help its recovery on an national and international level. It’s situated on a 3km beach on the Caribbean coast of Costa.


The Station’s goal is to conserve the turtles and their habitat together with promoting awareness and education through its education program which includes the Education Centre “Las Siete Quillas”.


Volunteers are of utmost importance as this could not be a successful project without them. Schools, students, groups, individual volunteers and researchers all contribute to the success and development of the project.


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